About Us

Our history

Outdoor Lighting Stars is an outdoor lights manufacturer, supplier and installers who have been in the industry for about 10 years now. We believe that how we do business is as important as what we make, and we pride ourselves on our friendly, hassle free approach to helping our customers find quality outdoor lighting. Every product Outdoor Lighting Stars creates, every service they provide, is not only quality but it is also unique. We have been helping restaurants, bars and clubs maintain outdoor lighting and also offering outdoor lighting installation to new businesses and homes. Having been in the industry for about 10 years, you can trust that we have vast experience in outdoor design and installation. To learn more about our history, call us on 888-248-0021.

Our values

Outdoor Lighting Stars believes in providing high quality services and products to all our clients. Quality always comes first when it comes to serving our customers and clients. We also believe in complete honesty and transparency with our clients and customers. It is through our determination, commitment, honesty and integrity that our business has been able to grow from a small business into a large outdoor lighting business that it is today. All our services are offered with a high level of integrity and professionalism.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting is far more than simply illuminating parts of your property. It is an art practiced by craftsmen and women who are trained and experienced in the many facets of the art. Do-it-yourselfers may try to design and install their own landscape lighting, but their efforts are severely hampered by the technology, access to quality products, and a lack of design knowledge. Instead of spending so much time and energy thinking of how to install outdoor lights in your home or business, call the experts to help you in not only installing the lights but also in choosing the right kind of lights and maintaining the outdoor lights in your business. Call Outdoor Lighting Stars and you will be amazed by our skills and unique products that we have.

Outdoor Lighting Stars is a premier manufacturer of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting fixtures, transformers, wire and other outdoor lighting system components. We offer unmatched value in product quality, service and training. This value extends to our carefully selected distributors, their contractor customers, specifies and ultimately to the discriminating homeowner. For details on the value that Outdoor Lighting Stars offers call us on 888-248-0021.

Custom outdoor lighting

We can make custom outdoor lights that are in the shape that the customer needs. If you tend to have a creative mind and think you can come up with a unique outdoor light design or installation design call us on 888-248-0021 and let us know about your unique outdoor lighting design. Outdoor Lighting Stars was started as a way to provide the customers with the quality products and services that they deserve. We believe that you deserve the very best thus we strive to ensure that you get that. With our skills and experience, we are able to come up with a beautiful custom outdoor lighting design that suits your home or business.

Key features

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